What is Tagnori?

Tagnori W is a marketing profit share platform and
it is delivering the news of the hot deal and new product of global shopping malls.
Members can receive diverse information from Tagnori W and use it for the marketing activity.


High profit rate

The profit structure of Tagnori W is not the existing CPC method but the CPA method, and
when the consumer bought the product really the certain part(1~20%) of the purchase amount is given as the commission.
This CPA profit structure brings much higher profit averagely
when the advertisement is posted on the equal blog or site.
* CPA = Cost Per Action


Cookie Duration

Tagnori W sets the expiration date of cookie to give the commission for the part consumers bought later
according to the cookie policy of shopping malls although they don’t buy right after clicking the link.


Global market

Tagnori W provides a base for the overseas marketing according to the policy of the shopping malls
executing the global delivery and sale.



Tagnori W operates about 500 overseas shopping malls all around the world.

At the moment of becoming a marketer member of Tagnori W,
you form a partnership with about 500 shopping malls around the world.

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Tagnori W holds the event.
Tagnori W holds various events and carries out various supporters programs, and actively support your marketing activity.

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You can be provided with various promotions in real time by overseas famous shopping malls to reflect in the marketing activity actively.

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Recommend the bloger or marketer.
If a new man becomes our new marketer, we giveU$5to the recommending member and new marketer member each.
Tagnori W is recruiting the primary marketer.
Those who are interested in it can ask for information by the partnership proposal below.
(What is primary marketer? It is a member recruiting the marketer. There is a special benefit given only to the primary marketer.)


Create Link

It is the service that changes into the affiliated link.
You can make a new partnership link by copying URL of the overseas shopping mall goods and pressing Create Link.
You can make a large profit by using the partnership link on SNS like Kakaotalk, Facebook, and Twitter as well as your site and blog.

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You can see the number of click of your site, number of order, earning,
and purchase conversion factor at a look.

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